Combine the power of RPA and BI data analysis to empower business process automation
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Where and how does Puzzle RPA work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation software to end repetitive tasks in company of any size

  • Data transfer
    Imports and exports data to and from different IT systems and transfers them between them.
  • No coding needed
    Low-code capabilities to build automation scripts
  • Works on any platform and any OS
    Reads, sends emails via Outlook, as well as through imap, pop3 and smtp protocols.
    Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge - works with http links, code tree and visuals.
    Alternatives WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot.
What tasks do Puzzle RPA robots perform?
  • HR
    CV analysis, assistance to applicants, interview scheduling, personnel application forms, onboarding of new employees and access management, initial training on software and processes, etc.
  • Purchasing and logistics
    Supply and demand analysis, price tracking, automated ordering, returns processing, contract management, optimal route selection based on data, etc.
  • IT
    Automation of customer service, monitoring of servers and applications, processing of backups, installation of new software updates, management of user credentials, etc.
  • Accounting and Finance
    Bank statement processing, invoicing, repetitive reporting, payment processing, third-party data management, duplication of orders and contracts, etc.
  • Customer support
    Management of customer complaints, automated order processing, support and follow-up, document workflow management, etc.
  • Marketing and sales
    Automated search for brand mentions in the media, publication of the best company reviews on social networks, price management on the web, etc.
Where and how does Puzzle BI work?

Business analysis (BI)

Your company's decision-making center

  • Data consilidation
    Consolidation of data from any sources 1C, SAP, AX, Nav, databases, Excel, Web and others
  • Filters and Drill-down
    Detailing information up to transactions
  • Collaboration
    Exchange of information, the ability to hold meetings
Our history in numbers
  • 100+
    projects implemented
  • 20 years
    in IT consulting
  • 30+
    large and medium enterprise clients
Alex Degtyarev
CEO & Chief Evangelist, Puzzle RPA
We can help you implement a holistic view of automation, process and service improvement.
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